Ants in Wellington

Ants in Wellington

Ants We Live With.(Wether We Like It Or Not)

In Wellington (including Kapiti Coast to Levin, and up to Pahiatua) the main problem ant species are the Black Ant and the White-Footed Ant.
Both these species look identical to the naked eye, and are closely related. Behavior of both species is close enough for them to be grouped and treated as one
for control purposes.
They are tramp species, that is they can easily spread by groups being separated from the main colony starting new colonies, as
there are many fetile subordinate queens within each group (up to 50% fertile females have been recorded in Black ant colonies)
and this is the main way they spread from house to house and area to area. Flying ants are produced in Summer but these reproductive stages are not a major source of spread.
In Wellington these ants like to infest houses and live amongst the insulation in the roof , walls and sub floor. They do not
form any sub-terranian nests or build any nesting structures, but simply live in or under any suitable surface. If disturbed
they will scatter, carrying the white eggs and larvae to safety, and if colonies are split up then several new colonies are formed.

This adaptability makes these species very hard to control as reinfestation will occour, regardless of how effective a treatment is. As such, long term control of the population
is generally a better option than attempting total eradication. Baiting systems are very effective in giving long term control, but they need to be regular and ongoing to be effective.
Remember its control not eradication.
Other Ant Species-

Argentine Ants- while not as well established as the above species, Argentines are a major pest if they do turn up. Numbers are huge with trails many ants wide. This species will often totally
dominate all other ant species and kill or drive out other ant species and other insects.
Argentine ants require quite specific treatments for effective control.

Tiny Brown Ants- no surprise to find out these ants are quite small (1-2mm) and brown. Far less common that the black and WF ants, these little guys are attracted to sweet foods and can
be a real pain as their small size gets them access to jars etc. Treatment is as for black ants.

Termites- New Zealand does have native termites, but they feed on wet decaying timbers are are not a problem with dry structural timbers in homes.
Australian Drywood Termite species can be extremely damaging, and a notifiable pest with MaF, but are very rare in Wellington. Any suspected termite
infestation should be investigated!

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