Rat & Mice Control – How to eradicate and control Rats and Mice

Eradication of Rats and Mice

It is often the autumn that rats and mice begin to move into our homes, shops, offices and factories. Rodents seek warmth and shelter as the weather turns colder and fresh food supplies as food supplies are exhausted outdoors. It is always a good time of year to be thinking of preventing mouse and rat infestation.

Call Target Pest and an expert will visit and give you a free quotation for proofing your building(s) against rodent entry and preparing to prevent an infestation of rats or mice, should they gain entry. You will be surprised how simple the proofing can be and it will save you the much greater expense of a full mouse and rat eradication, should an infestation occur. Call now, before you are feeding and housing these unwanted rodent guests.

Preparative BaitingMouse bait station with mouse bait block gnawed by mouse.

Rodenticide (rat and mouse poison) bait is placed at strategic, safe points, inside and outside, in order to reduce populations around buildings and to deal with individuals that enter, before an infestation can take hold.


A mouse can squeeze beneath a door if there is a gap large enough to fit a pencil! Draft-excluding brush strips are an ideal method of proofing such gaps. However, there are almost always other possible entry points around any building. Gaps around pipework and cables. Broken vent covers. A thorough survey can identify these and suggest proofing options.


This is an important and often over-looked aspect of controlling rats and mice. For example, rodents are what we would call agoraphobic; they fear open spaces, and like to be under cover. A wide clear area around a building will deter rodents from reaching and entering the building. The removal of available food and shelter from within a building can have a powerful deterrent effect. Target Pest can identify and advise on all mice and rat control matters for new zealand rodent problems.


In some situations, particularly where the use of rodenticide is restricted, it is useful to guage the level of activity of pests and other animals. Target Pest can carry out monitoring using non-toxic baits, traps and tracking tunnels. Click here to find out more about our Rodent monitoring service.

Bait Stations and Bait Preparations

TARGET PEST uses ‘tamper resistant’ rodent bait stations. These lockable bait stations are designed to prevent unauthorized access to the bait preparations, to stop bait spilling out or ‘crumbs’ being carried away by mice and rats, and to control access by New Zealand non-pest animals.

TARGET PEST‘s bait preparations combine effective control of mice and rats with low toxicity to humans (S4). They are MAF category ’C‘ approved and registered.

Many commercial bait preparations available over the counter have bittering agents to deter non-target species. Unfortunately these agents cause bait shyness and reduced effectiveness. Because TARGET PEST uses non-spill baits in lockable, tamper resistant bait stations our baits do not require bittering agents. Therefore, rodents will continue eating the bait for longer periods of time, ensuring more rapid and efficient control, breaking the rodent breeding cycle and being more cost effective.

Bait Station Features:

Mouse station        Mouse bait station, robust, non-spill, lockable and encourages mice to take more bait.

Rat (and mouse) station   Rat bait station, robust, non-spill, lockable, safe and encourages greater take of bait and more effective control.

  • Tamper Resistant
  • Lockable
  • Compliant for use in the public or food preparation areas
  • Mouse and rat type stations
  • Non-spill
  • Takes all bait types
  • Tuff durable plastic manufacture
  • Suitable in damp areas
  • Safe for pets and humans

Rodent Control Programmes include:

  • Tamper-proof rat and mouse bait stations placed/fixed in all suitable internal and external areas of premises.
  • Internal and external stations monitored a minimum of eight (8) times a year.
  • Rodenticide baits inspected and replaced on each visit.
  • Monthly inspections and service over the winter and every two months in summer when mice and rat activity is less.
  • Free call out.In addition to the tamper proof interior and exterior bait stations:
  • Block baits are fixed in ceiling and floor voids.
  • Perimeter rodent stations may also be discretely placed to provide additional control of new rodents entering the area.
  • Written and verbal reporting of all pest activity and other issues including recommendations for proofing, prevention and housekeeping.