Bird Proofing Pest Control

Target Pest’s accredited technicians provide a comprehensive and professional service offering “state of the art” eradication, prevention and monitoring of all Pest Birds for commercial premises.

Target Pest has been in the business of getting unwanted birds out of buildings since our establishment in 1988.

We have over the years dealt with most of the large warehousing, logistics and manufacturing companies – with great success and still maintain an on-going business relationship with them. We have treated many warehouse buildings in New Zealand over the years. Our methods of bird removal range from Pignix Bird Repellent Gel to Target-Net Bird Exclusion System. Bird control is not an exact science, there are many methods “for getting rid of birds”  most don’t work.

Integrated Bird Management.  Target Pest will design and implement a programme that best suits the environment the bird problem is in.  Sometimes the birds themselves need to be completely removed from an environment rather than spending money on expensive proofing that may not work.

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Target Pest Prevention
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Sparrows can be a problem in warehouses and supermarkets.  Target pest has an integrated bird management programme that will reduce your bird activity. Please contact us for a free survey and quote (commercial only).

Starling are prolific nesters and build up around industrial factories and warehouses. They will form into huge flocks during the spring and summer months.

Bird Proofing

Netting methods


Example of a loading dockway where pigeons were roosting that has been netted off to prevent birds from accessing the structure.  Access to lights and water sprinklers are through zips that are built into the net.

Bird netting is one of the most popular methods used for protecting against all common species of urban birds. Once correctly installed, it is virtually the only system that can be used with confidence in places subject to high levels of bird infestation and where birds are roosting or nesting.

Spike systems act as a physical barrier to birds and does not harm or injure birds.  Spikes are used to protect buildings against pigeons in a wide range of situations.  When properly installed spikes are difficult to see from just a few metres away.
Starlings (sometimes called blackbirds in NZ) 'the rats of the sky' Starlings nesting

Target Seagull Wire Deterrent

Seagull Deterrents

Seagulls are aggressive in nature and cause a regular nuisance in coastal cities and, in more recent years, in inland regions. Large amounts of their bird droppings can result in structural damage, blocked gutters and water ingres. The gull’s physical size and agressive nature, especially at times of nesting can also lead to attacks on the general public and employees.

Seagulls will roost on the highest points of a roof usually the ridge, chimneys or along the highest flat roof or parapet wall. If you are able to prevent seagulls from landing on these areas they will often leave the property completely. Seagulls are at their noisiest during the nesting season which is November to February. The eggs are usually laid in November or December. The young gulls will hatch approximately 4 weeks later and finally leave the nest after another 5-6 weeks.

Once installed, our seagull deterrents will create savings on cleaning and maintenance bills whilst still giving safe access to your staff and clients will be delighted by the reduction in fouling, noise nuisance and aggressive behaviour from gulls on your premises.

A number of alternative proofing systems in addition to the three most popular solutions of Birdnet, Birdspike and Birdwire systems are available to solve your seagull problem.

Target Gullwire is an ingenious seagull control system, preventing gulls from landing without entangling them, yet retaining easy access for maintenance staff. The system consists of parallel wires that are installed above the building surface at widths just below the wing span of the gulls, thereby preventing the birds from landing  on the area below whilst still allowing the building occupier access for maintenance purposes.

Target Gullwire system installed on a factory roof


Pignx – Bird Repellent Gel

Vamoose Bird Repellent

Pignx Bird Repellent™ System is used to repel birds from manmade roosting and landing areas such as building ledges, girders, gutters and pipes. It has its effect by creating alarm and fright when birds alight on the tacky material. Due to its ingredients and mechanism it is in no way harmful to the birds, humans or animals.