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Pest Bird Control in Wellington

Keep birds out! Target Pest supplies and fits a complete range of bird proofing products for factories, warehouses, load-out canopies. If bird removal is necessary our technicians have a proven track record in the safe and discrete use of bird baits and repellents. From trapping magpies to management of large flocks of sparrows and starlings, Target Pest will have a solution to your problem.


birdsroof_001Pest birds include feral pigeons, starlings, gulls and sparrows. These birds will live in close proximity to man causing fouling of buildings, noise nuisance, infestations of insects and the risk of zoonotic (animal to human) infection with such diseases as ornithosis and salmonellosis.

Starlings are often referred to as the rats of the sky. In spring they seek nest sites and find gaps under the edge of the roofs of buildings. The construction of New Zealand buildings is such that they provide ideal entrance points to the warm dry eaves. Starlings are noisy and gregarious. They produce large nests from straw, twigs and any other materials on hand. They often drop materials into the gutter at the entrance to their nest, which will build up, and block the drainage. On leaving the nest they will perch somewhere close to check for predators and to defecate. On return to the nest they will again perch to check for predators before entering. A substantial mess can build up around the nest and the perching sites. Bird droppings are corrosive and will damage paintwork over time.

birddroppingdSparrows to will nest in domestic situations. If starlings are the rats of the bird world then sparrows are the mice. Smaller than starlings, they find it easier to find a place to nest in the eaves of homes. They are not as noisy or messy as starlings but can be a considerable nuisance in large numbers. They are often ‘cheeky’ and learn to steal sugar from al fresco tables for example. Gulls and pigeons cause similar problems except that they are larger birds and rarely nest in domestic situations. However, they will roost and nest on the exterior of buildings or the interior of large spaces such as warehouses where very large quantities of fouling can build up.

Birds and bird nest often have parasitic insects such as bird fleas associated with them. If birds are removed from an area such as the eaves of your house, the fleas that are left behind will search for a new host and will readily take a feed from a human in the house. When Target Pest eradicates a bird infestation it is standard practice to treat the areas for insect pests to prevent any problems spreading to the buildings occupants.

Control Methods

european-starling_003Bird control is an integrated pest management operation. A combination of strategies is almost always required including removal, proofing, altering behaviour and proofing and prevention best achieve control of bird infestations. However, it is sometimes necessary to eradicate or control a population by shooting, narcotising and trapping usually in conjunction with a program of proofing. Proofing can include physically preventing birds gaining entry to a building or area and making potential roosting, perching and/or nesting sites unattractive to the birds although it may include altering bird behaviour Bird spikes are a permanent method of preventing birds roosting or perching on ledges, ridges and other areas where there presence causes a nuisance. Where birds are gaining entry to the eaves of a building and nesting the birds can be removed and the eaves proofed by the installation of mesh to the gutter and roof.

Target Pest have successfully controlled bird problems ranging from 20,000 sparrows to a single pigeon in a warehouse.

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